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Spreadsheet Terminology

Author: masterson polly
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0. Columns
1. Rows
2. All formulas in a spreadsheet must begin with this symbol
3. x-axis
4. Spreadsheet
5. Data Entry Bar
6. Cell Address
7. Organize Data Make Graphs Perform math functions
8. Active Cell
9. Line graph
10. y-axis
11. Cells
12. Legend
13. Pie Chart/graph
14. Formulas and functions
15. Bar graph

0. These are labeled by letters across the top
1. The equal sign, =
2. 3 things a spreadsheet can do for you.
3. Spreadsheets do math using these.
4. This type of graph shows a change over time
5. What you type shows up here before you enter it on the sheet
6. Created by the intersection of rows and columns
7. A program used to organize data, create charts and graphs
8. This graph is good for comparing data amounts
9. This cell is outlined in blue to show it%27s status
10. The vertical line identifying data on a graph
11. An example would be: A5
12. These are labeled by numbers on the left side
13. The function of a spreadsheet that tells what the pie pieces of a graph mean
14. A graph made in a circle that shows percentages
15. The horizontal line identifying data on a graph