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Spreadsheet Terminology

Author: masterson polly
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0. Cell Address
1. x-axis
2. y-axis
3. Formulas and functions
4. Rows
5. Line graph
6. All formulas in a spreadsheet must begin with this symbol
7. Pie Chart/graph
8. Bar graph
9. Data Entry Bar
10. Active Cell
11. Organize Data Make Graphs Perform math functions
12. Legend
13. Columns
14. Spreadsheet
15. Cells

0. Spreadsheets do math using these.
1. What you type shows up here before you enter it on the sheet
2. A program used to organize data, create charts and graphs
3. The horizontal line identifying data on a graph
4. These are labeled by letters across the top
5. This cell is outlined in blue to show it%27s status
6. The function of a spreadsheet that tells what the pie pieces of a graph mean
7. A graph made in a circle that shows percentages
8. This type of graph shows a change over time
9. These are labeled by numbers on the left side
10. An example would be: A5
11. The vertical line identifying data on a graph
12. This graph is good for comparing data amounts
13. 3 things a spreadsheet can do for you.
14. The equal sign, =
15. Created by the intersection of rows and columns