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Phonics Concentration Game (2.11.15)

Author: Cady Katherine
Keywords: phonics, SPED 521, concentration, , , , online teaching

0. Fun Phonics (
1. The Bag Game
2. Multisensory Structured Language Instruction
3. Pig Latin
4. Reading Bear (
5. Fernald Method (VAKT)
6. The word workshop
7. Onset Rime and Word Families
8. Auditory Sequencing
9. Finger Spelling
10. Corrective Reading OR Reading Mastery
11. Other VAKT methods
13. Click N Kids
14. I-Pad or other technological devices
15. Making Words

0. A 15 minute activity where students create various words
1. Cover-Write, Orton-Gillingham, Rainbow Writing, Slingerland, etc.
2. Created in 1988, an online resource with practice texts
3. This skill requires a high level of phonemic awareness
4. There are HUNDREDS of phonic apps to increase engage
5. Teaches skills in word identification %26 comprehension
6. Focuses on suffixes to find the stressed vowels
7. A part free, part for purchase program with sequential lesson
8. Taught in conjunction with sound blending. Involves finger ra
9. A Bannatyne method helps with sound sequencing in sp.
10. VAKT modalities, phonemic awareness, diagnostic teachi
11. Involves tracing with two fingers until a word is learned.
12. words taught in related groups (right, might, fight)
13. A free site with presentations on sounds, quizzes, and practice
14. Online site w/4 parts: ABC, Learn to Read, It%27s Fun to Read, I%27
15. Involves a Sounder and a Matcher. Promotes p. awa