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Phonics Concentration Game (2.11.15)

Author: Cady Katherine
Keywords: phonics, SPED 521, concentration, , , , online teaching

0. Onset Rime and Word Families
1. Multisensory Structured Language Instruction
2. Fernald Method (VAKT)
3. I-Pad or other technological devices
4. Auditory Sequencing
5. The Bag Game
6. The word workshop
7. Finger Spelling
8. Other VAKT methods
10. Reading Bear (
11. Pig Latin
12. Fun Phonics (
13. Corrective Reading OR Reading Mastery
14. Click N Kids
15. Making Words

0. A part free, part for purchase program with sequential lesson
1. Cover-Write, Orton-Gillingham, Rainbow Writing, Slingerland, etc.
2. Teaches skills in word identification %26 comprehension
3. This skill requires a high level of phonemic awareness
4. words taught in related groups (right, might, fight)
5. A Bannatyne method helps with sound sequencing in sp.
6. Taught in conjunction with sound blending. Involves finger ra
7. Focuses on suffixes to find the stressed vowels
8. A free site with presentations on sounds, quizzes, and practice
9. Involves tracing with two fingers until a word is learned.
10. A 15 minute activity where students create various words
11. Involves a Sounder and a Matcher. Promotes p. awa
12. VAKT modalities, phonemic awareness, diagnostic teachi
13. Online site w/4 parts: ABC, Learn to Read, It%27s Fun to Read, I%27
14. Created in 1988, an online resource with practice texts
15. There are HUNDREDS of phonic apps to increase engage