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Solving Equations Quiz

Author: Sturdivant Vittyjo
Description: You will have one minute for each question. Use your knowledge of building and solving to answer the questions
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1. What is the simplified answer for this expression? 5(x-10)-2(x%2b8)
A) 7x - 2
B) 3x - 2
C) 3x %2b 18
D) 3x - 66

2. What are the steps to solve an equation if the steps to build it are as follows: add 10, divide by 4, subtract 1
A) multiply by 4, subtract 10, add 1
B) add 1, multiply by 4, subtract 10
C) subtract 10, multiply by 4, add 1
D) multiply by 4, add 1, subtract 10

3. What are the steps to build this literal equation, if you must solve for h? A=(bh)/2
A) divide by 2, multiply by b
B) multiply by 2, divide by b
C) multiply by b, divide by 2
D) divide by h, multiply by 2

4. What are the steps to solve the following equation, if we are solving for h? n(x-h)%2bm= c
A) subtract m, divide by n, subtact x, divide by -1
B) subtract x, multiply by n, add m
C) distribute n, subtract m, subtract x
D) divide by n, add x, subtract m

5. Simplify the expression -9x %2b 2(x-5) - 5(x%2b12)
A) -12x - 70
B) 16x -17
C) -2x %2b 17
D) 12x %2b 70

6. Which of the following equations has the operations addition, multiplication and subtraction in them
A) 6x - 10 %2b 5
B) 8x/(14) = 7
C) 8(x-10)
D) 3x-5 = -19

7. What are the steps to build the equation around m? y= mx %2b b
A) add b, multiply by m
B) add b, multiply by x
C) multiply by x, add b
D) subtract b, divide by x

8. Which of the following are like terms?
A) 7x^2 %2b 8x^2y
B) 7xy^2 %2b 8x^2y
C) 5xyb %2b 10xyb - 7xy
D) 10 %2b -8

9. What is a constant term?
A) the number in front of the variable
B) the number with the variable
C) the number without the variable
D) the small number that it%27s raised to.

10. What are the algebraic terms in the problem below? -10x^2 %2b 3x-10 = 16
A) -10x^2, 3x, -10, 16
B) -10, 16
C) -10, 3, -10, 16
D) -10, 3

11. It costs $1.99 a gallon for gas. If the function f(g)= 1.99g is the equation used, where g is the number of gallons, and f(g) is the total price, what is the independent variable?
A) total price
B) gallons of gas
C) $1.99
D) f for the price per gallon

12. What is the degree of the following equation? 10x^5 - 5x^6 %2b 7x^2 = 53
A) 5
B) -5
C) 6
D) 10

13. In the equation f(x)=5x%2b10, which is used to represent the total price to get x children into the carnival, what is the meaning of the 10?
A) it%27s the price per person
B) its the total price
C) its the initial price for no people
D) its the price when you have one person.

14. What is the translation of the verbal expression? twice the sum of 5 and number is 7 less than the same number
A) 2n%2b5= 7-n
B) 2(5%2bn)= n-7
C) 2(n%2b5)= 7-n
D) 2n %2b 5 %3c 7