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Information Tachnologies

Author: Uysal Efekan
Description: Şehit Mehmet Şengül Science Highschool ICT game.
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1. What is the opposite of Dethrone?
A) Depose
B) Afar
C) Trace
D) Crown

2. Which is synonymous with Evolve?
A) Decrease
B) Expand
C) Varnish
D) Upstage

3. Which is synonymous with Encompass
A) Include
B) Fare
C) Zeal
D) Exclude

4. What is the opposite of Enterprise?
A) Entertain
B) Interception
C) Idleness
D) Business

5. Which is synonymous with Accesible?
A) Ponderous
B) Available
C) Worldly
D) Inaccessible

6. What is the opposite of Computational?
A) Calculation
B) Conjecture
C) Culminate
D) Copious

7. What is the opposite of Establish?
A) Disprove
B) Escalate
C) Pellet
D) Prove

8. Which is synonymous with Simulation?
A) Arbitrate
B) Difference
C) İmitate
D) Breach

9. What is the opposite of Publish
A) Conceal
B) Cyanide
C) Announcement
D) Broadcast