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Summer terms-column two

Author: Hall Matthew
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0. William Pitt
1. Charles Wilson Peale
2. New England Confederation
3. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
4. charter
5. Dominion of New England
6. Royal African Company
7. joint stock company
8. currency
9. Jamestown
10. Poor Richard%27s Almanack
11. Montesquieu
12. John Trumbull
13. indentured servant
14. headright system
15. deism

0. well known for his portraits of famous Americans
1. publication offered pithy advice to colonial Americans
2. another name for money
3. providing authority over a colonial settlement
4. official who organized attacks against French
5. temporarily held a monopoly over British slave trade
6. belief that higher power created humans and then left them alone
7. credited with %22three branches of governmment%22 idea
8. first permamant British settlement in North America
9. bound to master for a period typically lasting seven years
10. Northern colonies united defense against Native Americans
11. remembered for large canvas depictions of famous events
12. paying settler travel costs in exchange for colonial land
13. early example of a written plan of government or constitution
14. way to share cost and risk of investing in colonies
15. British organization that tightly governed Northeast colonies