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Supporting students with learning differences

Author: Tutor Tcg
Description: Sort the phrases into either positive or negative outcomes.
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1. Positive Outcomes
2. Negative Outcomes
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4. group_name4

0. Discuss with your learner what will work for them.
1. Allow students to move around if this helps them.
2. Be strict about moving around.
3. Single students out in front of a class.
4. Allow extra time.
5. Allow students to listen to headphones when appropria
6. Don%27t listen to your students%27 %27excuses%27.
7. Insist on hand written work, despite alternatives.
8. Offer alternative methods for assessment where possible
9. Offer the use of a computer instead of writing.
10. Set time limits.
11. Make changes to the plan without warning.
12. Suggest using a highlighter or using comment codes.
13. Show understanding.
14. Encourage competition.
15. Don%27t provide notes.