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respiratory system

Author: ndaba sizakele
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0. liver
1. ventricle
2. pulmonary vein
3. Pulse
4. ventricular systole
5. left atrium
6. hemolymph
7. Systole
8. distole
9. left ventricle-body- right atrium
10. atria
11. valves in veins
12. aorta
13. Arteries
14. Pulmonary artery
15. sinus

0. blood is pumped out of the ventricles
1. produces pigment that colors usin in waste products
2. 2nd way in which bllod leaves the heart
3. path way for the circulation of blood in humans
4. prevent backflow of blood
5. when atria and ventricles are contracting during cardiac cycle
6. blood from the pulmonary veins enters the heart
7. carries blood away fro the herat
8. fluid filled spaces
9. blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
10. A thick walled chamber of the heart
11. regular expansion of artery walls from the beating of the heart
12. blood first leaves the heart through
13. relaxation of herat muscles in cardiac cycle
14. pumps blood to the ventricle
15. circulatory fluid