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Author: Palacios Coyola
Description: Complete the sentences in simple past.
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1. Yesterday you _____ basketball all day long.
A) played
B) playes
C) playing
D) play

2. We _____ to a Safari park yesterday.
A) droved
B) driven
C) drive
D) drove

3. Mario _____ his homework last sunday.
A) write
B) wrote
C) writenn
D) writing

4. My mom _____ dinner last night.
A) bake
B) cooking
C) cooked
D) baking

5. My sister _____ her hand while she was baking the cake
A) born
B) burned
C) burn
D) burnt

6. I _____ meeting your parents.
A) enjoyed
B) enjoying
C) enjoy
D) enjoyet

7. Zury _____ reading that book in three days.
A) finishet
B) finished
C) finishing
D) finish

8. I _____ my room last night.
A) cleaned
B) clean
C) cleant
D) cleanning

9. You _____ to learn French, but it was too difficult for me.
A) trying
B) tryed
C) tried
D) try