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Reading 4_Simile and Metaphor

Author: Berry Sweet
Description: Identify the following statements if it is SIMILE or METAPHOR. Drag them on its corresponding group! So good luck ! MAGSANAY PARA GUMALING!:) smile nman jan!
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3. group_name3
4. group_name4

0. The rain felt like small kisses on Rosemary%27s face.
1. The moon was a ball of green cheese.
2. My cousin%27s baby is a perpetual motion machine.
3. The fabric was darker than a moonless night.
4. The audience watching the movie was like a zooful of no
5. She screamed louder than a siren on a police car.
6. The puddle seemed as big as the ocean.
7. He swims like a fish in the ocean.
8. Your love is an ocean.
9. How could she marry a snake like that!
10. I%27m not an angel, but I wouldn%27t behave like that.
11. It is raining cats and dogs.
12. She has heart of stone.