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Author: Moncada Marlyn
Keywords: Shapes, Definitions, , , , , online teaching

0. Nonagon
1. Right-angled Triangle
2. Rhombus
3. Scolene triangle
4. Circle
5. Hexagon
6. Trapezoid
7. Equilateral Triangle
8. Half circle
9. Octagon
10. Square
11. Rectangle
12. Heptagon
13. Decagon
14. Pentagon
15. Kite

0. A shape with six sides
1. A triangle with three uneven sides
2. A triangle with a right angle
3. A perfectly round shape
4. Two pairs of adjacent sides of the same length
5. A triangle with rhee uneven sides
6. A four sided shape in which two sides are parallel
7. A shape with ten sides
8. A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel, equal sides and four right angles
9. A shape with eight sides
10. A parallelagram with four equal sides. Opposite angles are also equal
11. A shape with five sides
12. A shape with seven sides
13. A triangle with three equal sides
14. A shape with nine sides
15. A circle cut in half is a half circle