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Author: Moncada Marlyn
Keywords: Shapes, Definitions, , , , , online teaching

0. Equilateral Triangle
1. Rectangle
2. Kite
3. Trapezoid
4. Rhombus
5. Hexagon
6. Half circle
7. Nonagon
8. Right-angled Triangle
9. Pentagon
10. Scolene triangle
11. Octagon
12. Decagon
13. Heptagon
14. Circle
15. Square

0. A shape with eight sides
1. A perfectly round shape
2. A four sided shape in which two sides are parallel
3. Two pairs of adjacent sides of the same length
4. A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel, equal sides and four right angles
5. A parallelagram with four equal sides. Opposite angles are also equal
6. A triangle with three equal sides
7. A triangle with a right angle
8. A shape with nine sides
9. A circle cut in half is a half circle
10. A shape with six sides
11. A triangle with three uneven sides
12. A shape with five sides
13. A shape with seven sides
14. A shape with ten sides
15. A triangle with rhee uneven sides