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Amendments/ Laws and Policies Set 1 VA US History S.Council (cop

Author: Ms Shameka Council
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0. Declaration of Independence
1. Va Declaration of Rights
2. 15th Amendment
3. Bill of Rights
4. 19th Amendment
5. Mayflower Compact
6. Constitution
7. 13th Amendment
8. Treaty of Alliance
9. 14th Amendment
10. Virginia Declaration of Rights
11. 17th Amendment
12. National Bank
13. Virginia Plan
14. Articles of Confederation
15. Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom

0. assist government with economic issues encourage growt
1. George Masonoutloine baic rights of people
2. Separates church and state basic part of 1st amendment
3. Established the Covenant Community
4. negotiated by Ben Franklin
5. Gave woman the right to vote
6. Slavery was abolished permanently in the U.S.
7. States were prohibted from denying equal rights
8. First plan of government that was too weak
9. James Madison gives states power based on population
10. Voting rights were guaranteed regardless of race
11. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution
12. Model for the Bill of Rights
13. Provided for direct election of senators
14. American colonist outlined the principles of social contract
15. Written plan of government