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Sequence of Tenses2

Author: Abdullatipova Patimat
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1. Sheila said that she ..... the office earlier that day to get to the station in time.
A) had to leave
B) had had to leave
C) would have to leave
D) will have to leave

2. Wanda complained to me that the children ..... very naughty that evening
A) were
B) was
C) had been
D) are

3. My boss was interested ..... to quit my present job.
A) why had I decided
B) why I decided
C) why I had decided
D) why I have decided

4. Ann begged me not to tell her father what ..... earlier that day.
A) happen
B) would happen
C) had happened
D) has happened

5. Jerry said that by the end of the year he ..... in his new house for four years.
A) would have been living
B) would live
C) would be living
D) will live

6. Did you say ..... very early the following morning?
A) you would have to get up
B) will you have to get up
C) would you have to get up
D) you will have to get up

7. In my interview I asked Celia Young why ..... another romantic novel.
A) she wrote
B) had she written
C) she had written
D) is she writing

8. She asked me about my schedule for the next week and I answered that I ..... it yet.
A) hadn%27t known
B) wouldn%27t know
C) didn%27t know
D) don%27t know

9. They explained to us that the Local History museum, which was usually open every Sunday, ..... that day.
A) was closed
B) was being closed
C) had been closed
D) has been closed