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Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound subject/predicate

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1. Simple
2. Compound
3. Complex
4. Compound subject or predicate

0. I went for a walk.
1. I went for a walk and swim.
2. My friend and I went for a walk.
3. I went for a walk, and my friend went for a walk.
4. I went for a walk because my friend was walking too.
5. The bees made honey all day.
6. The bees collected pollen and made honey all day.
7. The bees and the ants worked in the fields.
8. The bees made honey, and the bear ate it.
9. The bees made honey so they could survive.
10. Grace saw her brother run the race.
11. Grace saw her brother, but he did not see her.
12. Grace and her brother raced on the track.
13. Grace raced her brother and shot basketballs.
14. Grace saw her brother after he finished the race.
15. Anneliese and Haley were visiting the shelter.
16. Haley visited Anneliese.
17. Haley could see Anneliese, or she could go to Lacey%27s.
18. Haley jumped the fence and ran into the pond.
19. Anneliese rode her bike so her mom didn%27t have to drive.