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science vocab

Author: hms Robing
Description: Drag the right word or defintion to the correct match
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0. slope
1. projectile
2. speed
3. origin
4. axis
5. acceleration due to gravity
6. free fall
7. position
8. length
9. graph
10. velocity
11. coordinates
12. vector
13. independent variable
14. acceleration
15. dependent variable

0. how fast an object is going
1. a picture representing numbers
2. value of which object free fall
3. a variable that gives your location relative to an origin
4. the rate of change of velocity
5. an object moving through space and affected only by gravity
6. variable that tells you speed and direction
7. the place where the position has a value of zero
8. a variable that tells you both speed and direction
9. one of two or more number lines that form a graph
10. values that give the position relative to an origin
11. how long something is
12. manituplied varaiable
13. the responding variable
14. rise over the run on a graph
15. acceleration due to the force of gravity