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Science Review Living Systems

Author: Mrs. Karen
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0. Consumer
1. Terrestrial ecosystems
2. Predator
3. Physical Adaptation
4. Sun
5. Behavioral Adaptation
6. Population
7. Ecosystem
8. Omnivore
9. Decomposer
10. Herbivore
11. Aquatic Ecosystem
12. Prey
13. Communities
14. Producer
15. Carnivore

0. an animal that is hunted by another animal for food
1. structural modification made to a part of the body.
2. source of energy for plants
3. is something an animal does - how it acts
4. A group of people who live in the same area
5. An ecosystem in a body of water
6. An animal that hunts another animal for food
7. a consumer that eats only plants
8. an organism that feeds on dead plants or animals
9. an organism that produces (makes) its own food
10. The number of people that live in a place
11. An Animal that cannot produce its own food.
12. The living and non-living things together in this environment
13. a consumer that eats both plants and animals.
14. a consumer that eats only meat
15. An ecosystem found on land