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School materials

Author: Lorenzo Siro
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0. Protactor
1. Ruler
2. Pencil case
3. Subject
4. Book
5. Notebook
6. Pen
7. Pencil
8. Pencil sharpener
9. Calculator
10. Scissors
11. Glue
12. Diary
13. School bag
14. Computer
15. Rubber

0. You use it in maths, to solve operations. It is a machine
1. For example: Maths, Language, P.E, music...
2. You use it to cut
3. There are a lot in Althia classroom, you can surf on the internet...
4. When you canĀ“t write with your pencil, you use it
5. You bring it on your back. You keep your books, pencil case...
6. When you write the date of your exams, your activities...
7. Something you read, use to study, contain activities...
8. You use it to paste or glue something
9. Where you keep your pencils, rubber, pen...
10. Where you write, draw, do your activities...
11. You use it to measure angles
12. When you write, you can not erase it.
13. You use it to write, to draw and also you can erase it.
14. You use it to measure something
15. You use it to erase what you have write