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Vocabulary Quiz for Lesson 1

Description: Some of the questions are fill-in-the blank exercises. For these items, you will select the word or words that make the most sense in the sentence. Other items are questions, and you should select the answer that makes the most sense.
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1. What does deceive mean?
A) to get something from someone
B) to come up with a new idea
C) to trick someone
D) to go more slowly

2. What does reign mean?
A) to overthrow a government
B) to get wet
C) to follow orders
D) to rule over people or land

3. What does siege mean?
A) an attempt to take over or capture a town or military base
B) a piece of land by the ocean
C) to remember something all of a sudden
D) a cramp or spasm in a muscle

4. What does wield mean?
A) to cause an injury
B) to cry loudly
C) to move in a vehicle that has four wheels
D) to hold or use a tool, a weapon, or power over others

5. What does subdue mean?
A) to return a late item
B) to overcome or to control by force
C) to follow someone%27s orders
D) to give advice to someone

6. What kinds of things can you perceive with your nose?
A) bright colors
B) strong smells
C) loud sounds
D) rough fabrics

7. Which of the following answers describes an act of deception?
A) A teacher rewards a student for doing a good job on an assignment.
B) A child tells a parent that he doesn%27t want to go to bed.
C) A politician tells voters that he will do one thing but then does something else.
D) A politician does what she said she would do.

8. Which of the following might be used to subdue hunger pains?
A) Not eating for several hours
B) Eating a snack
C) Running a marathon
D) Stopping people from eating their meals

9. During the reign of King Charles, which of the following was true?
A) King Charles lost all of his power and had to follow the orders of another ruler.
B) Charles began to gain power that would eventually lead to his overthrow of another ruler.
C) King Philip ruled over the kingdom, and Charles became very jealous of him.
D) King Charles wielded great power over the people of his kingdom.

10. If you wield a weapon, you _______________________________.
A) hold a weapon that you are ready to use.
B) are wounded by a weapon.
C) cry very loudly.
D) take a weapon away from someone else.

11. If a city is under siege, it is __________________________.
A) being attacked by enemies.
B) flooded.
C) the most powerful city in a kingdom.
D) growing larger every day.