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Chapter 3 Review Activity

Author: Beaman Kayla
Description: Word Bank: Additive, Consciousness, Contributions, Cultural Competence, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Generalization, James Banks, Multicultural Education, Self Esteem, Social Actions, Stereotype Threat, Stereotype, Transformation
Keywords: SCFD 3223, Dr. Herr, Okstate Spring 2018, , , , online teaching

Crossword hints:
An approach to multicultural education that recognizes that students learn in different ways and that effective teachers recognize and respond to those differences , Education policies and practices that not only recognize but also affirm human differences and similarities associated with gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, and class, A measure of how social context, such as self-image, trust in others, and sense of belonging, can influence academic performance, Broad statements about a group that offer information, clues, and insights that can help a teacher plan more effectively, Students must develop _______ and actively challenge social injustice., Absolute staements applied t all members of a group, suggesting that members of a group have a fixed, often inherited set of characteristics, Who developed the levels of approach for developing a multicultural curriculum?, Students should develop and maintain _______., Approach focusing on heroes and holidays of other cultures, _____ is built on a solid academic accomplishment., Apprach where the curriculum changes and students view concepts, issues, events, and themes from the persepctives of different cultues students learned about, Approach focusing on learning the content, concepts, themes, and perspectives of different cultures within a specified amound of time, Approach where students form ideas on social problems and take action to help resolve them,

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