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Author: errani pier luigi
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1. Our colleagues during the Regio Conference came from
A) Plymouth
B) Aalborg
C) London
D) Edinburgh

2. The name of the original buildings seen in Pombarra
A) Churros
B) Horreos
C) Horribles
D) Palacios

3. What is the feast that Nordic people have at the end of June
A) Christmas [they have an original idea of the end of the year]
B) Midsummer [they have an original idea of the length of the seasons]
C) Halloween [they have an original idea of the deads]
D) Saint Valentine [they have an original idea of love]

4. In the Cathedral there is the famous
A) bamba dancer
B) bolaceiro
C) football player
D) botafumeiro

5. In a crossroad in Galicia you can meet
A) Timos
B) A cruceiro
C) Bad people
D) Two or three or four or five streets, but not today

6. The school CPI O Cruce is in the village called
A) Cerceda
B) Siracusa
C) Tapa pequena
D) La Tagliatella

7. Who is the painter of El sueño de la razón produce monstruos
A) Adamcova
B) Goya
C) Picasso
D) Citroen

8. In which Faculty of the Santiago University we had our meetings
A) Biology
C) Pedagogy
D) Foreign Languages

9. A strange thing in the restaurant of the last dinner
A) Bitter sugar
B) Wine without alcohol
C) Liquid salt
D) An eleven-string guitar

10. What is the link between Zara and A Coruna?
A) Zara begins with Z and A Coruna with A
B) The first Zara store was opened in A Coruna
C) Zara was founded by ZsuZsa, like A Coruna
D) Zara means The Crown in Euskara (basque language)

11. A new platform for schools
A) Edmodo
B) Edmondo
C) Eddy
D) Elli