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Tenses Form 6

Author: Nurmeta Salle
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0. Have you ever caught a big fish?
1. Do you often hang around with your friends?
2. I haven%27t been to Japan.
3. My granny doesn%27t live in the countryside.
4. I lost my keys last week.
5. Who will lay the table?
6. My cousin didn%27t go to the cinema yesterday.
7. I won%27t be thirteen next year.
8. Henry has bought a new car.
9. My sister is writing a letter.
10. Did you go to the same school last year?
11. Tomorrow we will have five lessons.
12. What were you doing yesterday at five o%27clock?
13. Is it still raining?
14. My father listens to the radio every morning.
15. I was watching a film when my Mum came home.

0. The present perfect (täisminevik) ?
1. The past simple (lihtminevik) %2b
2. The present simple (lihtolevik) ?
3. The future simple (lihttulevik) -
4. The present continuous (kestev olevik) %2b
5. The past simple (lihtminevik) ?
6. The present perfect (täisminevik) -
7. The past continuous (kestev minevik) ?
8. The present simple (lihtolevik) %2b
9. The past simple (lihtminevik) -
10. The future simple (lihttulevik) ?
11. The present perfect (täisminevik) %2b
12. The past continuous (kestev minevik) %2b
13. The present continuous (kestev olevik) ?
14. The future simple (lihttulevik) %2b
15. The present simple (lihtolevik) -