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My Safety Vocab Words

Author: Banner Debbie
Keywords: safety, vocab, words, , , , online teaching

0. slippery
1. flammable
2. emergency
3. hazardous
4. danger
5. clinic
6. yield
7. 911
8. poisonous
9. caution
10. detour
11. keep out
12. information
13. waiting room
14. high voltage
15. stop

0. facts or knowledge about something
1. do not enter
2. to let someone else go first, before you
3. able to catch on fire easily
4. a place where a nurse or doctor helps sick people
5. a place where you sit and wait at a doctor%27s office
6. come to a halt, do not move
7. a sudden situation in which someone needs help
8. causing you to slide
9. very powerful electric current
10. phone number to call in an emergency
11. not safe
12. stay awake, it is not safe
13. be careful
14. to go a different way
15. do not eat or drink, not safe to eat or drink