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Roots, Prefixes, and suffixes, 81-90

Author: Leighton Kelsey
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1. Pacific
A) hate
B) peace
C) marriage; sexual reproduction
D) lead

2. Anthropology
A) money
B) peace
C) lead
D) mankind

3. Misanthrope
A) hate
B) lead
C) pain
D) peace

4. Pedagogy
A) lead
B) money
C) imitate
D) burden

5. Neurons
A) pain
B) mankind
C) nerves
D) burden

6. Onerous
A) money
B) nerves
C) burden
D) peace

7. Neuralgia
A) marriage; sexual reproduction
B) pain
C) hate
D) imitate

8. Pecuniary
A) burden
B) imitate
C) money
D) mankind

9. Monogamous
A) mankind
B) peace
C) burden
D) marriage; sexual reproduction