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Roman Terms

Author: Wood Kimberly
Description: In this exercise, we will review some of the people and events that we have been studying this week in Module 5.
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0. King Pyrrhus
1. Byzantium
2. Julius Caeser
3. Republic
4. Constantine
5. Tribune
6. Laws
7. Aqueducts
8. Punic Wars
9. Pax Romana
10. Hannibal
11. Octavian.
12. Veni, Vidi,Vici
13. Pompeii
14. Marc Antony
15. Cleopatra

0. Greek King that Rome defeated to control Greece.
1. A political system where the power lies with the citizens.
2. General and ally of Ceaser. Commits suicded with Cleopatra.
3. Roman City buried during eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
4. Egyptian Queen who was in love with Marc Antony.
5. The three wars waged by Rome against Carthage.
6. Roman General and dictator. Killed by a group of Senators.
7. Carthaginian General that invaded Italy by using the Alps.
8. A continuation of the Roman Empire in the Middle East.
9. A period of peace throughtout the Roman Empire.
10. an official elected by Plebeians to protect their rights.
11. formed Second Triumvirate with Antony and Lepidus.
12. I came, I saw and I conquered.
13. Bridgelike stone structures that carried water to Roman cities.
14. rules of conduct enforced by the government.
15. Emperor of Rome who adopted the Christian faith