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The Roman Republic

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: There are 32 questions total, so you%27ll probably need to play about three screens before you see all of the questions. If you can get a 100%25 four times in a row, you should be in good shape.
Keywords: Republic, Rome, Julius Caesar, Senate, Tripartite government, , online teaching

0. Which famous American leader was inspired by Cincinnatus?
1. Mare Nostrum
2. Cicero
3. Tiber River
4. Julius Caesar
5. Three Punic Wars
6. Crossing the Rubicon
7. Typical reason for the decline of an ancient empire
8. Marius
9. Twelve Tables
10. How is ancient Rome%27s influence seen in US government
11. Veto
12. consuls
13. plebeians
14. Senate
15. What were breads and circuses?

0. Roman consul who began paying soldiers
1. gave Rome water, trade, and access to the Mediterranean
2. Rome%27s most important lawmaking body -
3. Roman dictator who saved Roman army %26 returned home
4. political alliance of three people
5. The idea that law should apply to everyone equally
6. Roman leader who declared himself dictator for life!
7. Roman politician %26 speaker who supported the republic
8. Large farming estates in ancient Rome - used lots of slave labor
9. today - making a decision you can%27t take back
10. food and entertainment used to distract Rome%27s poor
11. Tripartite (3-part) government: executive, legis-lative,%26 judicial
12. top two Roman officials elected each year to lead the government
13. division of Roman army - about 6,000 men
14. Roman judges
15. Rome%27s wealthy landowners