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Roman Empire Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Keywords: Augustus, Pax Romana, Germanic Invasions, Inflation, Rome, , online teaching

0. 4 achievements that Rome left to the modern world
1. The # 1 rule when finding direction
2. Man who decided the Empire should split after he died
3. Winner at the Battle of Actium who started the Roman Empire
4. Cardinal directions
5. Pax Romana
6. Changes that brought in the Pax Romana (no room for all 8)
7. Language spoken in ancient Rome
8. Title that Octavian took - meaning %22revered or majestic one%22
9. Factors that lead to Rome%27s decline
10. A.D. 476
11. Republic
12. Pater familias
13. Capital of the Western Roman Empire
14. Merchants and skilled workers
15. Why do we have a representative democracy instead of direct?

0. Permanent army, building projects, tax reform, reforms to laws
1. groups that benefitted from the Empire%27s prosperity
2. Government with no king or queen - leaders are elected
3. Conduits used to channel water to cities in the Empire
4. Architecture, government, 26-letter alphabet, Christianity
5. Theodosius
6. A gov%27t in the hands of one person who in-herits his rule
7. Octavian (He later adopted a very majestic nickname)
8. 200 years of peace %26 pros-perity brought in by Augustus
9. Augustus
10. Monotheistic religion that began in the Roman Empire
11. corrupt leaders, unemployment, inflation, plague, %26 invasions
12. End of Roman Empire - Odoacer ousted Romulus Augustulus
13. The idea that a country%27s laws apply equally to ALL citizens
14. Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian
15. Large families in small apartments (fire traps), filth, crime, disease