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Roman Empire Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Keywords: Augustus, Pax Romana, Germanic Invasions, Inflation, Rome, , online teaching

0. Changes that brought in the Pax Romana (no room for all 8)
1. Intermediate directions
2. Pax Romana
3. Pater familias
4. Tyranny
5. 4 achievements that Rome left to the modern world
6. 3 privileges of wealthy Roman women
7. Title that Octavian took - meaning %22revered or majestic one%22
8. Man who decided the Empire should split after he died
9. Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
10. Elements of Roman architecture we still see today
11. The # 1 rule when finding direction
12. A.D. 476
13. Democracy
14. Factors that lead to Rome%27s decline
15. Monarchy

0. 200 years of peace %26 pros-perity brought in by Augustus
1. Power is the hands of one person w/ NO legal right to rule
2. The arch, domes, use of concrete
3. A government where power is held by a few wealthy citizens
4. The idea that a country%27s laws apply equally to ALL citizens
6. Latin
7. Octavian (He later adopted a very majestic nickname)
8. Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian
9. Common currency, naval power, huge system of roads
10. Architecture, government, 26-letter alphabet, Christianity
11. Head of Roman family - usually eldest male
12. A gov%27t in the hands of one person who in-herits his rule
13. Rome
14. Theodosius
15. Monotheistic religion that began in the Roman Empire