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Roman Culture Matching Activity

Author: Siler Brandy
Keywords: Rome, Roman, Ancient, , , , online teaching

0. Concrete
1. The Campus
2. Famous former gladiator who led a slave rebellion
3. A play without words
4. The Forum
5. Tunic
6. Go to the library, get a hair cut, shop, grab some fast food
7. Siesta
8. The Grand Pantheon
9. Litter
10. Aqueduct
11. Own land, run businesses, make wills, get a paid job
12. Circus Maximus
13. Lupercalia
14. Free enter-tainment, crime control, health care programs
15. SPQR

0. Things ancient Romans could do daily at The Baths
1. Men went here to exercise %26 take part in track %26 field events
2. Spartacus
3. Some rights Roman women gained during the Empire
4. Roman %22LOVE%22 holiday - Draw your spouse%27s name out of a hat
5. More comfortable clothing which quickly replaced togas in Rome
6. The Senate and the People of Rome
7. Temple built to honor Rome%27s gods and goddesses
8. Some improvements made by Roman Emperors
9. Made of chalk, puzzolanic sand, and water
10. Most famous of Rome%27s race tracks seating for 250,000
11. Mode of transportation - covered couches carried on poles
12. An afternoon nap - a custom amongst ancient Romans
13. Used as a conduit to transport water to Rome
14. Rome%27s main marketplace and business center
15. Pantomime