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Industrial Revolution

Author: Casadio Lucia
Description: Click on the answer you think is correct and check your choice. There is only one correct answer!
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1. When was Laufmaschine ridden first?
A) 1787
B) 1801
C) 1817
D) 1835

2. How was Laufmaschine called in France?
A) Draisine
B) Daisain
C) Drésine
D) Draisienne

3. Laufmaschine was a prototype of...
A) Sledge
B) Bicycle
C) Car
D) Tandem

4. What was Laufmaschine made of?
A) Iron
B) Carbon
C) Wood
D) Aluminum

5. Laufmaschine was moved by...
A) Using the pedals, pushing on these
B) Moving the handlebar grip to you
C) Pushing along the ground with the feet
D) The thrust of the wind

6. Where did riders prefer to use Laufmaschine?
A) On the sidewalks
B) On the roads
C) On the hallways of their houses
D) They didn%27t use it

7. The Factory Act concerned about...
A) Sugar trade
B) Child labour
C) Industrial taxes
D) Women labour

8. Before the Factory Act, when did children begin to work?
A) From the age of five
B) From the age of seven
C) From the age of three
D) From the age of nine

9. What was Patience Kershaw%27s work?
A) Getter
B) Weaver
C) Hurrier
D) Coal-bearer

10. How was the Spinning machine called?
A) Jinny
B) Gianni
C) Jenny
D) Jimmy

11. It wasn%27t a cause of the Industrial Revolution...
A) Colonial trade networks
B) Large amounts of spare capital for investment
C) The end of feudalism
D) The English form of government

12. During the Industrial Revolution it didn%27t develop...
A) Metallurgy
B) Biology
C) Chemistry
D) Transport

13. When did Patience Kershaw go to school?
A) On Saturday
B) Twice a week
C) On Sunday
D) Never

14. Did you like our presentation?
A) No
B) Quite
C) Yes
D) A lot