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Do you wanna be a revolutionary?

Author: BenniGiuli Monica
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1. Which were the most important industries in the first times?
A) Wood industry and steel industry
B) Handcraft industry and textile industry
C) Textile industry and steel industry
D) Handcraft industry and wood industry

2. The name of the flatiron inventor was...
A) Ivan Watrinks
B) Ivy Wotralls
C) Isaac Wilkinson
D) Igor Wavens

3. When did the flatiron started to be industrially produced?
A) 1728
B) 1738
C) 1748
D) 1758

4. Who is the intruder among these objects of the First Industrial Revolution?
A) Electric telegraph
B) Battery
C) Flying shuttle
D) Electric shaver

5. Find an other intruder among these inventions of the First Industrial Revolution...
A) Tractor
B) Steamboat
C) Submarine
D) Lightning rod

6. Now find the only one invention from the First Industrial Revolution
A) Flatiron
B) Tungsten steel
C) Dynamite
D) Facsimile

7. Which is the only element from which we cannot say that England is one of the most ancient countries?
A) Subsoil
B) Length of the rivers
C) Elevation of the mountains
D) Geological ages

8. Which is the only thing England didn%27t take power from?
A) Companies
B) the Bill of Rights
C) Its subsoil full of silver
D) Social mobility for the young generation

9. The term %22horsepower%22 was invented by
A) Alessandro Volta
B) Thomas Edison
C) James Watt
D) Benjamin Franklin

10. Find the false affirmation. The steal engine is a machine:
A) Which is used to plough
B) Invented by James Watt
C) Which works with water
D) Which is able to product items

11. Nowadays the steam engine is basically used to:
A) Help trains run
B) Move clothing machines
C) Help run nuclear system
D) Move entire industries

12. Find the unique answer that doesn%27t represent a consequence of the industrial revolution:
A) The enlargement of England trade
B) The birth of new social classes
C) The spread of many waterways
D) The birth of the comunism