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Author: Hall Matthew
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0. mercenaries
1. New Jersey
2. precipitate
3. Committees of Correspondence
4. effigy
5. Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania
6. George Washington
7. Quebec Act
8. Anglican
9. Mercy Otis Warren
10. Judith Sargent Murray
11. Paxton Boys
12. William Howe
13. privateer
14. John Dickinson
15. delineate

0. felt Townshend duties were taxation without representation
1. bring prematurely, Arnold%27s actions and Saratoga
2. soldiers hired to suppress colonists, some were Hessians
3. third party helps resolve dispute, avoided during Revolution
4. member of Church of England
5. 18th century New Englander who advocated gender equality
6. Dickinson essays criticizing Townshend duties
7. articulate patriot who belittled British through plays
8. given command as way to gain Southern support for Revolution
9. putting the best interests of the nation above selfish desires
10. uncertainty, probably felt by Washington at Yorktown
11. offered freedom to slaves who fought for the British
12. state had legal loophole, gave temporary female suffrage
13. benefited French residents of British North America
14. North Carolinians who wanted relief from taxes set by colony
15. organized united resistance to British government