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Author: Hall Matthew
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0. effigy
1. Judith Sargent Murray
2. Lord Dunmore
3. misgiving
4. Paxton Boys
5. civic virtue
6. Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania
7. mercenaries
8. precipitate
9. delineate
10. William Howe
11. exodus
12. partisan
13. Anglican
14. Intolerable Acts or Coercive Acts
15. John Dickinson

0. putting the best interests of the nation above selfish desires
1. organized united resistance to British government
2. ship given Congressional permission to fight British
3. given command as way to gain Southern support for Revolution
4. mass departure / some groups of Loyalists after Revolution
5. bring prematurely, Arnold%27s actions and Saratoga
6. uncertainty, probably felt by Washington at Yorktown
7. North Carolinians who wanted relief from taxes set by colony
8. soldiers hired to suppress colonists, some were Hessians
9. Pennsylvanians wanted relief from taxes set by colony in 1760%27s
10. Dickinson essays criticizing Townshend duties
11. third party helps resolve dispute, avoided during Revolution
12. a constructed figure or doll representing a hated person
13. punished Massachusetts, never included Quebec Act
14. articulate patriot who belittled British through plays
15. felt Townshend duties were taxation without representation