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Review Units 1 - 5

Author: White Tiffany
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1. Roger wants to save for his senior trip to Washington, DC in two years. The trip will cost $1200. How much should he save each month?
A) $600.00
B) $50.00
C) $100.00
D) $150.00

2. Erica has a monthly budget of $1200. She wants to budget 12%25 of her monthly budget on a payment for her car. How much is she budgeting for her car payment?
A) $1440.00
B) $120.00
C) $100.00
D) $144.00

3. Leon has a job at the local auto parts store. He is paid $9.30 per hour. Last week he worked 38 hours. What was his gross pay last week?
A) $353.40
B) $35.34
C) $287.00
D) $353.04

4. Tasha is a registered nurse who makes $35 per hour. Last week she worked overtime with a total of 45 hours. What was Tasha%27s pay for last week?
A) $1400.00
B) $1575.00
C) $1662.50
D) $262.50

5. Gloria went shopping for supplies for her science project. Her purchases totaled $18.26 and the sales tax is 6.75%25. She paid with $20.00. How much change will she recieve?
A) $0.51
B) $30.59
C) $1.23
D) $0.12

6. David missed worked last week and needs to adjust his payments for the month. He will be late on paying one of his credit card bills. What shoul David do first?
A) Pay the bill the following week
B) Get a Pay Day Loan to make the payment on time
C) Call the company to discuss the problem and make arrangements
D) Wait until next month the credit card company will understand

7. Which payment method is the best to use for a fixed monthly payment?
A) Send a Check
B) Automatic Draft
C) Pay with cash in person
D) Credit Card

8. Ashley%27s favorite clothing store is running a sale on jackets. Normally the jackets sell for $65.99 each. They are now on sale for 30%25 off. What is the sale price?
A) $64.01
B) $19.80
C) $46.19
D) $46.20

9. Mrs. White bought a 24- count box of potato chips. She is going to sell them for a club fundraiser. The box, with sales tax included, cost $6.80. What is the Unit Price?
A) $0.28 per bag
B) $3.53 per bag
C) $0.30 per bag
D) $0.29