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Re-engage vs. Re-teach

Author: Sturdivant Vittyjo
Description: Please place the following activities in the correct category...
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1. Re-engage
2. Re-teach
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4. group_name4

0. have students re-read a chapter
1. students write the vocabulary words
2. students are asked to create a story to help remember
3. teachers review a test and then re gives it
4. teachers lecture about something students bombed
5. play a review game
6. students take a test and make correction
7. give more homework on a weak area
8. give a class test where kids work in group
9. have stations around class for weak areas
10. give students more notes on what they misunderstood
11. create mnemonic devices to help students remember
12. students role play and use vocabulary words assigned
13. have a word wall for students/ crossword puzzle
14. create a vocabulary bingo for weak areas