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Author: Perez Fabiola
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0. Red blood cells
1. white blood cells
2. capillaries
3. Blood vessels
4. arteries
5. parts of the blood
6. plasma
7. Upper chamber of the heart
8. chambers of the heart
9. Heart
10. platelets
11. Circulatory system
12. lower chamber of the heart
13. blood
14. veins
15. parts of the circulatory system

0. Are involved in protecting the body against diseases
1. liquid part of the blood where nutrients are
2. blood vessels, blood, heart
3. carry blood to the heart
4. take up oxygen in the lungs and releases it into tissues
5. cell fragements that help clot the blood
6. atrium
7. Carries blood, water, oxygen and waste materials through your body.
8. plasma, white and red blood cells, platelets
9. ventricle
10. they connect the arteries and veins.
11. Is a muscle that pushes blood through the circulatory system
12. left and right ventricle and left and righ atrium
13. carry blood in one direction
14. carries oxygen, nutrients and waste materials from cell to the rest of the body
15. carry blood away from the heart