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Author: chan ms
Description: 1. Match the resolutions with the correct goals.
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0. I am going to speak to Miss Lien twice a week.
1. I am going to keep a diary in Chinese.
2. I am going to play my flute each day.
3. I am going to bed early.
4. I am going to read more English books.
5. I am going to practise the violin every day.
6. I am going to eat less junk food.
7. I am going to see a doctor.
8. I am going to eat more dairy products.
9. I am going to do more sports.
10. I am going to watch less TV.
11. I am going to tidy my bookshelf every week.
12. I am going to do Maths exercises every day.
13. I am going to buy a car.
14. I am going to keep my word.
15. I am going to do revision every day.

0. Then I won%27t be fat.
1. Then I won%27t fail my exam next time.
2. Then my teeth and bones will be strong.
3. Then I will drive to work.
4. Then my room will be neat and tidy.
5. Then I will be good. I won%27t be bad.
6. Then I will be good at Chinese.
7. Then I will do well in my Maths test.
8. Then I will be good at English.
9. Then I won%27t be late.
10. Then I will play very well.
11. Then I will get well soon.
12. Then I will be fit and strong.
13. Then I will win the music competition.
14. Then I will speak English well.
15. Then I will have more time for study.