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Republic of Texas

Author: sonnen troy
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1. Hero of the Battle of Salado Creek in which the Texans defeated the Mexican army after the Mexicans had taken San Antonio.
A) Stephen F. Austin
B) Sam Houston
C) Mirabeau Lamar 
D) Jack Coffee Hays

2. Represented the Republic of Texas in talks to gain recognition from France and Great Britain.
A) Sam Houston
B) Mirabeau Lamar
C) James Pinckney Henderson
D) Edwin W. Moore

3. Commander of the Texas navy.
A) Sam Houston
B) Edwin W. Moore
C) Juan Seguin
D) Jack Coffee Hays

4. Second president of the Republic of Texas.
A) Mirabeau Lamar
B) Stephen F. Austin
C) Juan Seguin
D) Santa Anna

5. What events characterize the Revolution era in Texas history?
A) exploration of Texas by Europeans
B) development of Texas as a Spanish colony
C) Texas independence from Mexico
D) Texas annexation by the United States

6. Why was it difficult for Sam Houston to reach his goal of peaceful relations with Mexico during his second term of office?
A) Mexican army began the Archive War with Texas.
B) Mexican army twice invaded Texas and seized San Antonio.
C) Mexican army attacked the town of Mier in Texas.
D) Mexican army interfered with feuds in East Texas.

7. What was the cause of unrest in East Texas during Sam Houston’s second term of office?
A) frontier raids by the Comanche
B) feuds between the Regulators and the Moderators
C) fighting among the residents of Houston and Columbia
D) Sam Houston’s plan to sell the Texas navy

8. What major policy of Sam Houston did Mirabeau Lamar oppose?
A) recognition of Texas as nation by Mexico
B) the need to increase public debt
C) the annexation of Texas by the United States
D) the removal of the Native Americans from Texas

9. During his presidency ______________ actively pursued peaceful relations with the Native American groups living in Texas.
A) Stephen F. Austin
B) Mirabeau Lamar
C) Santa Anna
D) Sam Houston