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Reproduction in plants 1

Author: Perez Fabiola
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0. Ovary
1. Anther
2. By grafting
3. Asexual reproduction
4. Bisexual
5. By tubers
6. By leaves
7. Stigma
8. Pistil
9. Sexual reproduction
10. By bulb
11. Sepal
12. Petals
13. Types of asexual reproduction in plants
14. by Runners
15. Filament

0. Plants grow horizontally from plants and produce baby plants at their tip
1. long, stalklike structure that’s part of the pistil.
2. swollen roots full of nutrients.
3. This type of reproduction does not require the production of sex cell.
4. Plants with female and male organs are called:
5. Offspring produced are genetically different from either parents
6. Thin stalk in the stamen.
7. by Grafting, by leaves, by roots, by stem
8. sticky place where pollen grains land
9. the colorful part of the flower.
10. A bud starts growing on the leaf.
11. Modified underground stem
12. Leaflike parts, Is one of the 4 main parts of the flower.
13. Is the female reproductive system, consist of style, ovary and stigma
14. where pollen grains form.
15. Is the male reproductive system in plants consist of anther and filament