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Reform Movements Review

Author: Ekwue Grace
Description: Match the person or event to the correct description. You may choose your matching method.
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0. -Ralph Walso Emerson -Henry David Thoreau
1. Trans-cendentalism
2. Hudson River School Artists
3. William Lloyd Garrison
4. Frederick Douglass
5. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
6. Declaration of Sentiments
7. Temperance Movement
8. 18th Amendment (XVIII)
9. Women%27s Rights Movement
10. Second Great Awakening
11. Horace Mann
12. Dorothea Dix
13. Abolition Movement
14. Harriet Beecher Stowe
15. First Amendment

0. movement that focused on nature and self (not religion)
1. wrote %22North Star%22, an anti-slavery newspaper
2. banned alcohol in the U.S.
3. painting school that focused on romantic lanscape images
4. leaders of trans-cendentalism movement
5. main goal was to keep people sober by banning alcohol
6. document that promoted equality for women
7. Religious revival that encouraged self-change and society reforms
8. helped change prison conditions and care for the mentally ill
9. abolitionist who wrote %22Uncle Tom%27s Cabin%22 (exposed horrors of slavery)
10. main goals were women%27s suffrage and equal rights
11. -leader of the Women%27s Rights Movement -%22Declaration of Sentiments%22
12. main goal was to abolish (end) slavery in the U.S.
13. these Constitutional freedoms helped shape reform
14. education reformer; helped get free public schools for all
15. wrote %22The Liberator%22, an anti-slavery newspaper