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Reform Movements Review

Author: Ekwue Grace
Description: Match the person or event to the correct description.
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0. Hudson River School Artists
1. -Ralph Walso Emerson -Henry David Thoreau
2. Women%27s Rights Movement
3. William Lloyd Garrison
4. -Sojourner Truth -Harriet Tubman -Harriet Beecher Stowe
5. Dorothea Dix
6. First Amendment
7. Quakers
8. Trans-cendentalism
9. Horace Mann
10. -Susan B. Anthony -Elizabeth Cady Stanton
11. Temperance Movement
12. Second Great Awakening
13. -Edgar Allen Poe -Nathaniel Hawthorne -Walter Whitman
14. Frederick Douglass
15. Abolition Movement

0. painting school that focused on romantic lanscape images
1. movement that focused on nature and self-not religion
2. these Constitutional freedoms helped shape reform
3. leaders of the Women%27s Rights Movement
4. most famous female abolitionists
5. main goals were women%27s suffrage and equal rights
6. Religious revival that encouraged self-change and society reforms
7. wrote %22The Liberator%22, an anti-slavery newspaper
8. religious group-helped abolition, temperance, and women%27s mvmts
9. helped change prison conditions and care for the mentally ill
10. leaders of trans-cendentalism movement
11. main goal was to abolish (end) slavery in the U.S.
12. wrote %22North Star%22, an anti-slavery newspaper
13. main goal was to keep people sober by banning alcohol
14. poets/writers who focused on emotions, nature, and self
15. education reformer; helped get free public schools for all