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Reading Review Literary Terms

Author: La Voe Madeline
Description: Use these questions to review for your final exam!
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0. First person Point of View
1. Third person Point of View
2. Visualizing
3. Theme
4. Plot
5. Author%27s Purpose
6. Point of View
7. Dialogue
8. Chronological
9. Mood
10. Climax
11. Opinion
12. Flashback
13. Effect
14. Summarize
15. Character Traits

0. When the narrator of the story is one of the characters
1. The message of a piece of literature
2. Forming a picture in your mind
3. Perspective from which an author tells a story
4. When the characterof a story is outside and an observer
5. A beleif based on what someone thinks to be true or likely
6. The order of events that happen in time
7. The overall feeling created by a work of literature
8. A conversation between 2 or more characters
9. A struggle between forces or characters
10. The reason why an author writes a piece of fiction or non-fiction
11. A scene that breaks normal time to show a past event
12. The way an author reveals a character%27s personality
13. Series of related events that make up a story
14. Something caused by something else; a result
15. Retell something in a shorter version or a few words