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Ratio and Proportion

Author: Math SB
Description: Answer the following problems seriously. Good Luck and God bless to your evaluation!
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1. Which of the following is TRUE about RATIO?
A) The ratio can be also expressed in fraction.
B) The ratio is not a fraction.
C) Ratio is can%27t be used in comparing quantities.
D) Answer_4_(optional)

2. Ratio is used in determining proportions.

3. Which of the following statements is not TRUE.
A) Ratio is used in finding proportions.
B) Ratio can be inversely and directly proportional
C) Ratio is not used in finding proportions
D) Answer_4_(optional)

4. If 5 pounds of grass seed will cover 1025 square feet, how many square feet can be covered by 15 pounds of grass seed?#
A) 3075 square feet, 3075

5. If a homeowner pays Php 8000 a year in taxes for a house valued at Php 250,000, how much would a homeowner pay in yearly taxes on a house valued at Php 175,000?#
A) Php 5600, 5600

6. If a person earns 2340 in 6 weeks, how much can the person earn in 13 weeks at the same rate of pay?#
A) Php 5070, 5070

7. If 3 gallons of waterproofing solution can cover 360 square feet of decking, how much solution will be needed to cover a deck that is 2520 square feet in size?#
A) 21 gallons, 21

8. An automobile travels 176 miles on 8 gallons of gasoline. How far can it go on a tankful of gasoline if the tank holds 14 gallons?#
A) 308 miles, 308

9. As one amount increases, another amount increases at the same rate.#
A) Direct Proportion
B) Indirect Proportion
C) Answer_3_(optional)
D) Answer_4_(optional)

10. When one value decreases at the same rate that the other increases.#
A) Direct Proportion
B) Inverse Proportion
C) Answer_3_(optional)
D) Answer_4_(optional)