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Author: Math SB
Description: The following problems are just easy. Please read and answer it carefully. Good luck!
Keywords: rate, base, percentage, percent, rate, base, percentage, , online teaching


1. Which of the following statement is TRUE about BASE?
A) You can identify BASE if it has a mark %25.
B) If BASE, you can see the word %22of%22 after the number.
C) If PERCENTAGE, you can see the word %22is%22 before or after the number.
D) Answer_4_(optional)

2. Which of the following formulas is used when finding the RATE? #
A) R X B
B) P ÷ R
C) P ÷ B
D) Answer_4_(optional)

3. What sign is used to represent the RATE?#
A) %25, percent

4. The student answered correctly 76 questions on the mathematics test, which was 95%25 of the total number of questions. How many questions were in the test?
A) 100
B) 90
C) 80
D) Answer_4_(optional)

5. Brian bought a printer on sale at the store. The discount was 15%25, and Brian saved Php 13.50. What was the printer original price?
A) Php 80.00
B) Php 90.00
C) Php 100.00
D) Answer_4_(optional)

6. The population of Georgetown was 50000 in 2009. The population increased by 3 percents in 2010, or 1500. What was the population at the end of 2009?
A) 50000
B) 60000
C) 70000
D) Answer_4_(optional)

7. An alloy contains 70%25 of silver. The amount of silver in the alloy is 1.75 pounds. Find the weight of the alloy?
A) 2.7 pounds
B) 2.6 pounds
C) 2.5 pounds
D) Answer_4_(optional)

8. 76 of answers were correct. What was the percent of correct answers? #
A) 95%25, 95

9. Daniel bought a calculator at the store with the tax of 7.5%25. The tax amount was Php 1.87. Find the calculator price before tax.
A) Php 25.99
B) Php 26.99
C) Php 27.99
D) Answer_4_(optional)

10. Which of the following statements is TRUE about RATE?
A) When computing the BASE, multiply direct the RATE to the PERCENTAGE.
B) The RATE should be converted first into decimals before any computation.
C) None of the choices.
D) Answer_4_(optional)