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Author: Bahrami Sabah
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0. analyse
1. art form
2. perspective
3. symmetrical
4. balance
5. art industry
6. asymmetrical
7. analysis
8. art movement
9. pattern
10. contrast
11. artisian
12. aesthetic qualities
13. annotation
14. art practice
15. art prinicpals

0. objects in an image are not balance
1. a person skilled in a particular craft
2. symmetrical and asymmetrical
3. 2D and 3D works. Eg. drawings, sculpture
4. professional work and activity of an artist
5. business related to display, selling, promotion of artworks
6. one side of an image mirrors the other
7. visual effects acheived by repeating same shape, colour etc
8. set of conventions used for creating an illusion of 3D
9. to understand msgs and meanings in artworks
10. written addition to demostrate thought process involved in ideas
11. trend in art which particular art style.
12. 2 different forms of elements are used. emphasis the difference
13. looking closely at artworks and to understand msgs and meanings
14. describe the ways elements are arranged and to express ideas
15. application and manipulation of art elements and design principles