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Unit 3 Reading Vocabulary

Author: Green Jenilee
Keywords: ESL, Reading Vocabulary, Beginner, , , , online teaching

0. expensive
1. graduation
2. make a commitment
3. make a habit of
4. inexpensive
5. hear from
6. message
7. control
8. lonely
9. free
10. lose touch with
11. synonym
12. useful
13. put on
14. figured out
15. antonym

0. not costing any money
1. understood something after thinking about it
2. unhappy because you are not with other people
3. to do something often and regularly
4. helping you do something
5. helping you to learn
6. high in price
7. to stop regular communication with someone
8. the time when you complete school and receive a diploma
9. to cover part of your body with clothes, shoes, etc.
10. to get news or information from someone
11. words with the opposite meaning
12. a small amount of information that you send to someone
13. to make something do what you want
14. words with similar definitions
15. to promise to do something