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Match the quotation with the poem

Author: Shearman Sue
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0. an I will tell yu de other half of my story
1. Beat him like soft clay [Simile]
2. the belly Of a waiting jeep [personification]
3. Of old tongues Reaping havoc In new places?
4. england weather nearly always half-caste.
5. this is the six a clock nyooz. belt up.
6. a fractured land [metaphor]
7. Tropical Oya of the Weather
8. jist wonna yoo scruff tokn.
9. Tell me why you visit An English coast?
10. salwar kameez peacock-blue
11. lookin at you widd de keen half of mih eye
12. I have lost my tongue
13. it grows back, a stump of a shoot
14. and I was there - of no fixed nationality
15. your mother tongue would rot,

0. %27Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan%27
1. %27Search for my Tongue%27
2. Half-Caste
3. Half-Caste
4. %27Unrelated Incidents%27
5. %27Search for my Tongue%27
6. Not My Business
7. %27Unrelated Incidents%27
8. %27Hurricane Hits England%27
9. %27Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan%27
10. %27Hurricane Hits England%27
11. %27Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan%27
12. Half-Caste
13. %27Search for my Tongue%27
14. Not My Business
15. %27Hurricane Hits England%27