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Match the quotation with the poem

Author: Shearman Sue
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0. an I will tell yu de other half of my story
1. Tropical Oya of the Weather
2. lookin at you widd de keen half of mih eye
3. your mother tongue would rot,
4. Tell me why you visit An English coast?
5. england weather nearly always half-caste.
6. Beat him like soft clay [Simile]
7. I have lost my tongue
8. salwar kameez peacock-blue
9. this is the six a clock nyooz. belt up.
10. the belly Of a waiting jeep [personification]
11. Of old tongues Reaping havoc In new places?
12. jist wonna yoo scruff tokn.
13. and I was there - of no fixed nationality
14. it grows back, a stump of a shoot
15. a fractured land [metaphor]

0. %27Search for my Tongue%27
1. %27Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan%27
2. %27Search for my Tongue%27
3. Not My Business
4. %27Unrelated Incidents%27
5. Not My Business
6. %27Search for my Tongue%27
7. %27Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan%27
8. Half-Caste
9. %27Hurricane Hits England%27
10. %27Hurricane Hits England%27
11. %27Hurricane Hits England%27
12. %27Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan%27
13. %27Unrelated Incidents%27
14. Half-Caste
15. Half-Caste