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I learn English by playing

Author: Rosales Claudia
Description: Riddles of the following proposals, select the correct answer from the four possible.
Keywords: Quiz, Games, Riddles, Learning, English, , online teaching

1. I always come down, but never go up. What am I?
A) Cloud
B) Rain
C) Bird
D) Air

2. It´s on your head and under your hat. What is it?
A) Cap
B) Brow
C) Eyes
D) Hair

3. Tall and thin, red within, nail on top, and there it stops. What is it?
A) Tree
B) Arm
C) Finger
D) Rose

4. It is round and yellow, it is like a ball of fire, it rises in the east, it stets in the west. What is it?
A) The sun
B) Chick
C) Lemon
D) Balloon

5. I can fly but I haven´t got wings. What am I?
A) The clouds
B) The wind
C) The plane
D) The time