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All the W-question words

Author: rabbeljee willem
Keywords: questions, who, whose, why, where, , online teaching

1. Quem é esse homem alto?
A) What is this tall man?
B) Whom is this tall man?
C) Where is this tall man?
D) Who is this tall man?

2. De quem?
A) Whom?
B) Who?
C) Whose?
D) Which?

3. De quem é esse livro?
A) Whose book is this?
B) Whom book is this?
C) From who is this book?
D) Which is this book?

4. Quem você viu?
A) Who did you see?
B) Whom did you see?
C) What did you see?
D) Whose did you see?

5. Qual?
A) Whose?
B) Which?
C) What?
D) Where?

6. Qual chá você prefere?
A) Who its tea do you prefer?
B) What tea do you prefer?
C) Whose tea do you prefer?
D) Which tea do you prefer?

7. O que?
A) Where?
B) Which?
C) What?
D) Of which?

8. Qual é seu nome?
A) Which is your name?
B) Is this your name?
C) What is your name?
D) Was this your name?

9. Que tipo de...?
A) Which kind of...?
B) Whose sort of...?
C) What way of...?
D) What kind of...?

10. Que tipo de música é essa?
A) What is this music kind?
B) Which way of music is this?
C) Kind of which music is this?
D) What kind of music is this?

11. (A) onde?
A) Where?
B) Whose?
C) Which?
D) There?

12. Onde você mora?
A) Where do you go?
B) Which do you live?
C) Where do you live?
D) Where do you stay?

13. Por que?
A) Because?
B) Why?
C) Which?
D) What for?

14. Por que você esta com raiva?
A) Why are you happy?
B) Who are you angry with?
C) Where are you angry?
D) Why are you angry?

15. Como?
A) Where
B) How much?
C) How?
D) Which?

16. Como você me encontrou?
A) Where did you find me?
B) How did you find me?
C) How did you find?
D) Why did you find me?

17. Quanto?
A) How much?
B) Where?
C) How?
D) How far?

18. Quanto você precisa?
A) How do you need?
B) How much do you need?
C) How far do you need?
D) Why do you need?

19. Quanto tempo?
A) How is the weather?
B) Which time?
C) What about the weather?
D) How long?

20. Quanto tempo durará?
A) Which weather will last?
B) How much will it take?
C) How long will it take?
D) How much more will it take?

21. Que tal...?
A) What/how about...?
B) What more...?
C) How much...?
D) How about you?

22. Que tal um cafezinho?
A) What about a coffee?
B) How to have a breakfast?
C) How much coffee?
D) Where we have a coffee?