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Parts of a Quadratic Function

Author: RayMiller Andrew
Description: Please place the words in the correct category to which it belongs for the quadratic function.
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1. a
2. b
3. c
4. c

0. leading coefficient
1. used in the numerator for the axis of symmetry formula
2. constant term
3. 10 in the equation y=3x^2%2b10%2b9x
4. tells if it opens up or down
5. in the denominator for the axis of symmetry formula
6. number without a variable
7. this is considered 1 for y= x^2%2b9x -1
8. helps determine if there is a maximum of minimum
9. take the opposite of it in the axis of symmetry formula
10. starting height
11. your x value will be 0
12. in front of x^2
13. coefficient of x
14. beginning value
15. maximum if this is negative
16. coefficient of x^2
17. number in front of x
18. where it touches the y-axis
19. minimum if this is positive
20. opens up if this is positive
21. this is zero if there is no linear term (no x)
22. not used in the axis of symmetry song
23. in the term with the degree
24. opens down if this is negative
25. y-intercept
26. starting amount
27. this is considered 0 in y=8x^2 - 1
28. multiplied by 2 in the axis of symmetry formula
29. intitial value
30. would be the point (0,10) for the function
31. this is consider -1 for y=x^2 %2b 9x - 1