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Author: Dubovac Knjiznica
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1. Thomas Jefferson was the # US president. (write a word!)
A) third

2. The State of Virginia was named after queen #. (Write her name!)
A) Elizabeth I

3. The biggest US state is #. (Tick the answer!)
A) Texas
B) California
C) Alaska
D) Answer_4_(optional)

4. The capital city of Texas is #. (Tick the answer!)
A) Houston
B) Austin
C) San Antonio
D) Answer_4_(optional)

5. Mount Rushmore with faces of four presidents is in #. (Tick the answer!)
A) South Dakota
B) North Dakota
C) Answer_3_(optional)
D) Answer_4_(optional)

6. The most populous of all 50 states is #. (write a word!)
A) California

7. The Missouri is the longest US #. (write a word!)
A) river

8. The US flag is called %22Stars and #%22 (write a word!)
A) stripes

9. Which colleges are %22The Ivy League%22? (Tick two answers!)
A) Princeton
C) Brown
D) Answer_4_(optional)