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UNIT ONE - Puritan / 2010 DBQ documents

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: *Carefully read the 2010 Puritan documents before attempting this activity. *PLACE THE DOCUMENTS IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN DOING THIS ACTIVITY. *Please do this activity until scoring 90%25 in order to earn homework credit.
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1. Document B of the 2010 DBQ demonstrated that
A) Southern society was dominated by agriculture.
B) Puritans couldn%27t make much a living off of agriculture.
C) Churches and town halls played a central role in Puritan lives.
D) Ergot poisoning could have caused hallucinations.

2. The essence of Document C in the 2010 DBQ was that
A) Puritans should enjoy themselves and their lives.
B) Villages don%27t have the money to educate children.
C) Southern planters were heathens.
D) Puritans should be productive, religious people.

3. Within Document D of the 2010 DBQ, Puritan political leader Bradford
A) revealed the value of enjoying feasts of thanksgiving.
B) admitted that a war with local Native Americans was brutal.
C) wished to advance into Canada and seize control of Quebec.
D) revealed that Native Americans received a holy blessing.

4. Consultation of Document E within the 2010 DBQ indicated that
A) education must be promoted within Pennsylvania.
B) learning played a central role in Puritan lives.
C) Virginians had a horrendous illiteracy rate.
D) the powerful spirit turned against the faithful.

5. Within Document F of the 2010 DBQ, Roger Williams
A) spoke of the government within Rhode Island.
B) claimed that he had strong disagreements with Catholics.
C) noted that the Baptist faith was a fascinating tradition.
D) supported religious freedom as an important tradition.

6. Clearly expressed in the first paragraph of Document G was the belief that
A) instruments be tuned on a regular basis.
B) only one religious tradition be tolerated within a nation.
C) brass instruments receive the melody in Puritan compositions.
D) government must reflect the values of a society.

7. Within Document H of the 2010 DBQ, it is established that
A) A maximum amount of power should be used enthusiastically.
B) Northerners are less power hungry than Southerners.
C) Women deserve equality within Puritan communities.
D) Power should be used by people sparingly.

8. Document I of the 2010 DBQ conveyed that a Puritan named Robert had
A) led a lazy, idle life.
B) tried to make the most of his time on earth.
C) attended an excessive number of parties.
D) regretted that he had led such a reckless life.

9. Document J of the 2010 DBQ indicated that
A) religion played a secondary role to trade and commerce.
B) fishing and trade were paramount in New England.
C) commerce should be completely abandoned.
D) religion should be a primary part of the lives of New Englanders.