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Puberty/ Reproduction

Author: Perez Fabiola
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1. stage of rapid growth and sexual maturation
A) menstruation
B) ovulation
C) fertilization
D) puberty

2. is the process in which sperm cells are produced.
A) Oogenesis
B) Estrogen
C) Testosterone
D) Spermatogenesis

3. is the process by which egg cells are produced. This process begins when the baby girl us still developing inside it’s mother.
A) Estrogen
B) Oogenesis
C) Progesterone
D) Testosterone

4. Is the process when sperm and the egg might join
A) Ovulation
B) Fertilization
C) Menstruation
D) Menopause

5. Is the process when hormones cause an egg to be release from the ovary
A) Menopause
B) Menstrual cycle
C) Fertilization
D) Ovulation

6. When ovaries and uterus go through reproductive changes, is about 28 days long and is divided by 3 phases
A) Fertilization
B) Ovulation
C) Menstrual cycle
D) Menopause

7. When reproductive system stops releasing eggs (menstrual cycle stops)
A) Menstrual cycle
B) Ovulation
C) Fertilization
D) Menopause

8. In the menstrual cycle, is the phase of menstrual discharge
A) Phase 1
B) phase 2
C) phase 3
D) phase 6

9. In the menstrual cycle, is the phase of uterine lining thickens, and ovulation occurs
A) Phase 1
B) Phase 3
C) Phase 4
D) Phase 2

10. In the menstrual cycle, is the phase when egg moves to the uterus. If the egg is not fertilized, and the lining begins to break down.
A) Phase 3
B) Phase 1
C) Phase 4
D) Phase 2