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Psychology Keyword Matching Activity

Description: Please match the words to their definitions.
Keywords: psychology, matching, vocabulary, social sciences, , , online teaching

0. Closure
1. Observer bias
2. Case study
3. Amnesia
4. Cerebral cortex
5. Chunking
6. Transference
7. Client
8. Altruism
9. Sample
10. Judgment
11. Traits
12. Learning
13. Self-esteem
14. Self-serving bias
15. Self-concept

0. The outer surface of the cerebrum
1. A person%27s mental model of his or her abilities
2. Intensive observation of a particular individual
3. A generalized evaluative attitude toward the self
4. A perceptual organizing process
5. The distortion of evidence because of the personal motives
6. Prosocial behaviors
7. A subset of a population
8. The process of taking single items of information and recoding them
9. The process by which a person in psychoanalysis attaches to a therapist
10. The term used by clinicians who think of psychological disorders
11. The process by which people form opinions
12. A process based on experience
13. Enduring personal qualities
14. A class of attributional biases in which people tend to take credit
15. A failure of memory caused by physical injury